Freight Market Thoughts

While we have seen many carriers propose rate increases for early to mid-October our overall feeling is the North America container export freight market is a bit squishier than normal for this time of year. 

The summer month showed better than normal demand for container exports of grain, but with bulk vessel freight at a relatively low level much of the demand has shifted to that mode of transportation.  While we still anticipate the usual surge in seasonal volumes from commodities that must ship in container, our feeling is container export rates need to remain in check. 

Demand is still coming from SE Asia as China remains on the sidelines due to tariff levels and market uncertainty.  While the overall demand will be lower, which is bullish container availability, expect tightness in transship points, so our advise is to book ahead.  

North Asia destinations will remain a premium shipping location for carriers, so our advice to those shippers with China, Japan and Korea sales is to be on the aggressive side of sales.

Contact your MAC Container representative for additional comments / thoughts and if we can be of assistance.