Container Freight Just got harder to track - Watch those hidden fuel fees.

So, if you haven’t heard. the IMO – Low Sulfur program is scheduled for full implementation in 2020.  As a result all of the carriers are implementing new methods for charging fuel changes on a quarterly or monthly basis.  What does this mean.  For MAC’s Shippers, nothing, behind the scenes we are managing our systems to track the charges and deliver the same all in costs that our customers enjoy and have come to count on over the years.   For those shippers that buy direct from carrier, or other NVOCC that break out all of the surcharges, beware.  Some of these extra fuel fees are nasty and tricky, so step carefully.


On the market side of things. 


Any modest increase the carriers are seeking are being met with skepticism.  China is still largely on the sideline and while we are finding plenty of opportunities, it is a grind out there, and we still see over all rates to remain flat.


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