One of the toughest markets we have seen in some time.   Are there opportunities out there? Sure. Are they being dropped in your lap? Definitely not.  This market is a grind and will be for the foreseeable future.  With our world leaders stuck in an extended case of tug of war over our purse strings, there is a ton of unknown going into what is traditionally the busiest part of the year for exports. Our advice to shippers is to stay aggressive in sales. There will be opportunity if you are in the game.  Remain creative and diversify what you are doing as much as possible.  The unknown will create opportunities if you continue to look for it. As Dr. Spencer Johnson wrote in the book “Who moved my Cheese”, our cheese is definitely on the move these days. Use MAC as your “Sniff” and “Scurry” as you venture out to find where yours went and how you can get it back.


From a rate stand point, we expect rates to remain flat or to decline thru the end of October with only modest increases at year end, if any.


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